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Rethinking Technology

A Silicon Valley Symposium

On Sunday, April 26, AHIMSA, in association with the Interfaith Center at the Presidio of San Francisco,, and the Berkeley Buddhist Monastery, presented a symposium exploring the effects of the Digital Revolution on people at work, at home, at school and on the road.

A panel of Silicon Valley insiders met to consider both the opportunities and threats presented by the Digital Revolution.

Among the topics:

  • Do you ever feel as if our tools have become our masters, and that we must constantly adapt ourselves to their demands?
  • In an information-based society, do notions like values, meaning, virtue and even wisdom have any place?
  • If we really are becoming the tools of our tools, maybe the fault – and the solution – lies not with our tools but with ourselves. Maybe it’s time to rethink technology…. as if people matter.


Rahul Brown - Entrepreneur, Business Development
Karl Dobrinich - Small business owner, non-profit consultant
Tom Foremski - Journalist, ‘Silicon Valley Watcher’
Nina Horne - Policy, Strategy, Public Good
Tapan Parikh - Professor, UC-Berkeley School of Information
Richard Whittaker - Writer, Artist, Publisher
Tom Mahon - Convener, Author, and forty-year Silicon Valley veteran

From the audience:

Rev. Dr. Dorsey Odell Blake
Professor Muriel Parenteau

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