Voices of Ahimsa

The human capacity for peace – ahimsa – is a capacity affecting every domain of our lives.  And so it must be in all of these domains that we explore the dimensions of ahimsa, and hear the voices which are voices of ahimsa.

Our inner selves
The social domain
The political domain
    Knowledge and truth
Spiritual, wisdom and religious traditions

» Thoughts and Stories
Quotes and short pieces evoking the spirit of ahimsa  

» Journals from Ahimsa Voices
For ten years, AHIMSA published Ahimsa Voices, a quarterly of articles based on conferences and talks. Certain back issues are available here.

» Audio Talks
Talks from past conferences.  NOW: Hear talks from our 2008 Conference on The Power of Nonviolent Language -- Meeting Each Other with Compassion and Respect: In Individual and Global Settings